Have your own Private Label products faster than you expected

Are you ready to have your own branded auto refinish products? To diversify by all means from your competition & to establish your brand name for better margin, better presentation? Hold on tight because PL Chemicals can give you EUROPEAN quality autorefinish products so fast, that you will wonder why you didn't start your own brand earlier? We are an experienced company on creating technologically advanced chemicals for the automotive industry.

Why to choose PL Chemicals

We help you get on track fast. With trial orders you have no worries on how things will go. You test, you see how it goes & you decide how to continue. We have helped so many businesses start and grow, thus we can help you avoid all kind of pitfalls you might encounter.

We know about competitive markets. We know how you can beat your competition. Producing high quality - low cost products that never fail. We keep these high standards all the time, that your competitors will find it so hard to follow you.

Not only it has to be beautiful. It has to communicate. It has to sell. We give you tips on creating a packaging that meets your market's needs.

How we support your efforts


on Quality


on delivery

We have the ability to manufacture products in high volume. This way you will never have an issue with delays.

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on custom packaging + products on demand

We manufacture and distribute auto refinish products globally for 30 years. You can be assured that we can meet all your custom needs.

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on marketing support

With a small extra cost you get top quality in house marketing support, which includes the creation of technical files & leaflets.

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on Technical + Training support

You are making a new start, a new colaboration. We know that and we offer you premium technical support to help you start fast with confidence.

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You describe, we suggest, you choose

There is no reason to keep your dream to yourself anymore